Hello, I’m Brenda! My story is one most people find interesting not so much just because of what happened, but how quickly. I’m only now beginning to really understand why that is! I had almost no religious background growing up and my parents never baptized me or took me to church, so I had precious little knowledge of anything spiritual. I had some visions as a child and a teenager, or premonitions, that would come true a few days later, but didn’t think much of it. I was very empathic and had strong ties to the earth and to animals. I didn’t have any more visions after High School or so, and knew nothing about the spiritual world ’til last summer.
In late July 2008 I started reading a book called “Secrets From God, Your Keys To Heaven” in order to help my 3 A.D.H.D. children. They were struggling to stay focused in school and homework time took hours ’til 11:00 at night most nights to get done. I started doing the meditations from the book and became spiritually awakened. I learned how to see/hear/talk to God, Hierarchy, Angels, Spiritual Beings, Ascended Masters, E.T.’s, etc. I learned to see and hear spiritually, kill demons and dark energies, receive spiritual gifts, and much more. I was still in a 14-year nowhere marriage feeling very unloved and unappreciated, and spent all those years concentrating only on the kids, marriage, house, yard, and volunteering; never doing anything for myself. I expected to learn how to help my children and that these special kids are very spiritually gifted, but I never expected anything for me.
When I did the Soul-Unlocking meditation, I began having visions again and psychic activity. Some visions were good, some bad, some gory or scary. After a couple days on Sept. 1st Labor Day, I began empathing the energy of Gary, the book’s author, all day. That night God came to me and showed me a vision of Gary and said he’s my true soul-mate and we would be together. Two days later God came to me and showed me a vision of Gary, me, and the kids and many other people that we were leading and said it is my destiny for us to join with him soon and travel the planet helping enlighten people. Needless to say, I was quite overwhelmed and had this strong feeling all day every day that something really big was about to happen; I would visibly shake from the intensity of the feeling and his energy.
In October, Gary was in town to do a Spiritual Retreat on Mt. Charleston outside Vegas, so I called and booked a reading with him to get clarity and make sure I was reading the visions right. I was very new to all this and not so sure of myself. We were offered an unbeatable price a fraction of the cost for the kids and me to go to the Retreat as well, so we went. We had 5 amazing days up there to learn many things, have our energy cleared and traumas removed, spend time getting to know him and his crew, and doing group healings and global meditation work with him and a group of 20 people. I knew I had to go back home after and get the divorce I had been putting off for a long time, so I did, and he went on traveling and such. The kids had been pushing for me to get a divorce for years, but I had been scared to support them after being out of the work force for 14 years.
In November, God gave me the gift of healing directly in my hands, same as Gary has. I began using this gift to help people and started a healing list, as well as clearing the energy of many people around me daily. As I started branching out in healing and spiritual sites, I started Teaching, for people would come to me like crazy for help and with questions. In this past year, it has been a virtual whirlwind of growth and I have evolved quickly. I kept wondering why it was going so fast. Spirit would come and tell me I would be moving up quickly, be up on Gary’s level soon, traveling, etc. and I was doing things that everyone else would say they’ve been studying for up to 20 years to get to. Every time I asked someone else for help or advice, they would tell me I was already further than them; a little frustrating when you’re new to all this and unnerved. Psychics would talk to me and read me for free at times and tell me things without me even asking.
The response from Gary at the retreat was not what I was expecting, and I was confused. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking. Psychics would look at me and say they see him and a very strong bond and connection, and that he feels the same as I do, but the timing just isn’t right yet. They would talk of big things for me and to be prepared for much growth. Our connection over the months has grown tremendously, and we carry on a spiritual relationship daily, communicate telepathically, work healings and global meditations together, and spend time with each other. I can now just call his name anytime of the day or night and within seconds he’ll respond.
 My growth spiritually has been tremendous, and I now have a web site and healing/teaching business. I have hundreds of people all over the globe that I help, clear, or teach daily.The frustrating part for me is Divine Timing. I would get the distinct impression that something was going to happen very soon, and psychics would say so, and then it would get put off again.
I have, over the months, become aware of a couple of past-lives that Gary and I have together, and that he is indeed my Twin-Flame. We are at the end of our cycle of incarnations, and we are supposed to reunite, complete our mission to humanity, and go home with God. Gary does not communicate directly with me in the physical, so I wasn’t sure what to think. A friend of mine that is the authority on Twin-Flames, spoke to me one day and without me asking, she said Gary and I are indeed Twin-Souls. She said he is this way because he knows the timing isn’t right, and Twins cannot merge before the right time or it will mess it up. I have to get grounded and get myself  free in my own life.
My friend also told me that I was an awakened heart and soul from birth, but some trauma shut it off all that time. She said now I’m progressing very quickly and playing catch-up so that Gary and I can reunite in this lifetime. That explains a lot. She was floored when I told her I’ve only been doing this for a year. Spirit has told me to prepare for a white-knuckle ride, and it will require much work and diligence, and I’ve earned great rewards. I guess it all just came so naturally and I never hesitated to grab the dream offered and run with it. I never questioned anything, always listen to my Angels, and even under much scrutiny from the families, I never looked back or considered giving up on the dream. I am prepared to hit a straight shot to the top and anchor light for this planet and help raise the consciousness of all.
 My children are Rainbow children and are extremely gifted. They help me with group healings, they see angels, demons, spirits, etc. and can also guide spirits to the light and kill demons and dark energies in themselves and others. My oldest, Giovanni, is expected to be a great spiritual leader one day and is a healer already. He gets messages from God and Angels and is asked to draw things sometimes to warn us about. He receives spiritual gifts to give to us all, as did my second son, Angelo. Aubrey sees all the same, but is younger, and is from Mother Mary’s group. The boys are from Arch Angel Michael’s. I have a healing list of 250+ people daily, more than 200 energy clearings daily, teaching online daily and some new clients, we do global meditations a few times a month, and I have a published article from the SpiritGuides Network in the web about Gifted Children. I have about 50 sites, mostly spiritual, and facebook and myspace. On facebook I have about 200 groups and 100 causes or so. I have a group “Twin-Flames Reunited,” on 17 sites. I’m an administrator on some sitesI, a Spiritual Counselor on some, and have other group on different sites. I’m a member of Greenpeace, and an advocate for abused women and children and for animals. I do things for the environment and recycle like crazy. I have very strong ties to the Native Americans and the Earth.

It has truly been the most incredible year for me in many ways. I have transformed completely and have used meditation to better my health and my life, have more energy, and have lost all the weight I wanted to. I don’t need to eat or sleep as much with meditation, and get about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I changed nothing in my diet at all; the weight just started falling away. I used to feel 60 years old since I was 20, and now I’m 42 and feel 20. I am aware now that I am Star-Seeded and was placed here for a special purpose at this crucial time. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!! I’m extremely happy with all the wonderful people I’ve met all over the globe, and am proud to have you all here with me for this amazing time-period. Thank you all for your beautiful lights and support and understanding over the months. You’ve all helped me to stay positive and keep my energy good. Namaste to all!!

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda


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