MOTTOS/Picture Reading

My motto’s are varied depending on which part of the job you look at,  but with the same final goal in mind. These are just my opinion and the way I see them.

The Path of the Peacemaker says:

        “Always choose the Loving, Peaceful solution, no matter what.”

 The Path of the Light-worker says:

       “Be the change you wish to see in the World.”

 The Path of the Healer says:

       “Always have Faith;  Believe 100%;  with God all things are possible;  Miracles do happen.”

 The Path of the Teacher says:

      “In his own way and in his own time, God will take care of everything;  God will always get us through if we have Faith in him.”

 The Path of every Heart = “Pure love;  Unconditional Love.”

 The Path of every Spirit = “ONENESS”

 The Path of God says:

       “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven.”

 The Path of the Angels says:

      “We are always with you; Allow us to guide and protect you; Listen to our messages and we will help you.”

Favorite words from Gary:  “So You Think It, So It Is.”

 Favorite words from Alex:  “Every thought and feeling that is not loving and supportive is not you, it is a demon trick.”   “Our Thoughts Literally Manifest Our Physical.”


This is a picture reading that a lady did for me. I thought it was very neat and insightful, and was done without any information about me:

Brenda! I apologize for taking so long.
I love your vibrant energy. Very high, and you have a big energy field. You have a lot of wisdom and knowledge inside of you. You’re a teacher. You follow through with all you say.
You’re youthful and have one of the strongest colors of pink I’ve ever seen around someone. You are guided by love and all that comes with acts of kindness and pure light. You travel to the light dimensions few are allowed to go.
You know the secret in manifesting what you envision. You’re very blessed. I can feel some pain that may have occurred around the age of 12. You have an older man and woman with you.
You’re very empathic and possess psychic abilities. You’re never knocked down for too long. You have an abundance of support around you. Very open and clear in all you do.
Your aura beams various shades of pink, some golds, a teal color, some light hues of purple, and blue. You’re much older in your thoughts than most.
*hugs  Nicole



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