Hello again everyone, and blessings! Following will be an account of much of what has transpired in this 3rd year since my Spiritual Awakening. As I’m sure you all know, no life path or spiritual mission will continually be without challenges, lessons, and hardships to strengthen and shape us. Mine is very indicative of that! This sharing will lead you through difficult events in my path, as well as the blessings graciously scattered throughout. There have been many of both.

As I was being strongly guided to start plans to get to North Carolina soon, things became very tense and troubled at the ranch where we were staying. We were gradually being pushed out and confined to the guest house without access to a kitchen or bathroom at times, and very harshly judged and emotionally abused. We were then suddenly kicked out regardless of all efforts made to please or be helpful. The next morning we were given an hour to pack what we could, forced to leave our kitties and all the rest of our stuff, and dropped off at a motel with a list of shelter numbers. I had until 11:00 a.m. check-out time to find somewhere to go. For the first time in my life I was homeless. Although it may have been hard to see then, God had his hand on us the whole time. To say it was a frightening time would be an understatement, but I tried to just maintain my faith. The only shelter on the list that had an opening was likely the best of all the shelters in the country. We had our own cabin on a lake in a wonderful small town. As soon as I saw it, I knew we were blessed, and now also away from the control and abuse of others.

I was put on a required time of rest by God, and had very little internet time. At first I kept fighting that because all I could see was that so many people needed help, and we have so little time. Now I understand it and accept it. While there, the kids learned to fish, and I was able to reach out to a personal community right around me. I had the pleasure of meeting many great women and my amazing advocate, and co-counseling the others there, teaching and working with some very gifted children, and was blessed with more kitties to care for and love. I spoke at a Candle-Light Vigil for Domestic Violence Awareness, and we all learned some great things together. We were there for some months, and through the Holidays while trying to put plans together for North Carolina.

Meanwhile, the lady at the ranch was keeping the stuff and my cats, and around New Year’s, her and her kids had gone through everything we own, stole almost all the furniture and some other things, broke all the video tapes, turned on the heater with pillows stuffed against it, almost burned the place down, and had abandoned the home and the cats. They had moved, unbeknownst to the ranch-owners, and left the cats to starve. She had also previously taken a cashier’s check for me and cashed it, keeping the money and all the food stamps in our names. We rented a moving truck on January 6th and went to get our cats and belongings only to find the mess. We got what we could, and found 5 of the 9 cats, and had to get back to the cabin. We finished loading and headed to Asheville, NC.

We traveled through snow in Tennessee, and again in North Carolina, crawling down the mountain at night. I was glued o the steering wheel of a 16 foot moving truck when we arrived, safely, by the grace of God! After almost sliding into parked cars and unable to see road signs through the snow, we made it to a motel safe and warm and the kitties with us. As the plans fell through, and the town was snowed in, the shelters were all full, and we spent the first 2 weeks in a motel, but WE ARE HERE! The mountains are incredible, the view from the room was great, and the kids enjoyed sledding by the motel. One room = one adult, 3 kids, and 9 cats, for 2 weeks! As the money ran down and I had called about a hundred numbers with no assistance, a church finally called us and offered help. The motel had given me a weekly rate that helped some, and the Budget Truck people waived all the late charges on the truck due to the weather. We were able to unload the truck into a shed at the church, and the kitties were set up in an enclosed back porch on a vacant house belonging to the church and on property, and one church member offered us a place to stay. It’s basically a one-bedroom apartment with a bath and kitchen, and the family is wonderful to us. The southern cooking is exemplary and something I have always looked forward to.

We are just down the mountain from the Blue Ridge Parkway that I have been drawn to since a young child. The cell phones don’t wok too good here, and the internet is now gone, but I still manage to talk to clients, help people, and do my radio show. We’ve taken country walks down by the creeks and watch the squirrels play. Being very rural and without transportation does keep me out here where I can barely look for jobs, homes, etc., but I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. The kids are in school now, and we’ve met some amazing people here at the church, the IHOP, the Coffee Shop, the Bank, and others. We have some things in the works, and will soon have a place of our own where we can be ourselves more, help and house others, start traveling and teaching more, and form our vision for a Spiritual Community. We have had to give up 2 of our kitties again, and one ran off somewhere, but we have the other 6 still and see them twice a week. We look forward to a home where they can be with us like a family again.

Through the past several months, while on rest, God and Spirit have shown me and told me much information. I’ve learned about some of my Past Lives, who I am and who I was originally, information pertaining to 2012 and Revelations and my part in the whole thing, I’ve learned things about myself, about my Twin-Flame, and have developed a much closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus and God. I’ve gone from working non-stop and having good faith, to being tested and brought to my knees, to humbly learning how to trust and enjoy the journey more, to a better understanding and stronger faith. I see where the hardships have built my strength and character to prepare me for things to come, and I have much work ahead of me.

I extend sincere and heartfelt appreciation to all the lovely people who have been placed on our path, to Candler House Of Prayer for all their help, to the family here, to Sojourner Church for a collection they did for us, and especially to GOD, JESUS, and our Heavenly Staff of Angels who tirelessly assist and support us with loving guidance and patience. We have never yet been harmed or not had our needs met. Every one of us is always being watched over carefully and lovingly. Until the next time, God bless each and every one of you in the most abundant ways. Smile, Jesus Loves You!!


Traveling across country to many beautiful places.
Meeting many new people along the way.
The beauty of the ranch area.
New information from Spirit here and there.
The cabin, the area around it, and the lake.
Our beautiful kitties who were such troopers, and the new ones added in.
Finding Soul Daughters/Children of mine.
Lots of support, healing, and rest.
Traveling again & finally getting to Asheville.
The Holidays and the Candle-Light Vigil.
Having my Twin-Flame Gary on my radio show as a guest.
The Blue Ridge Parkway area.
New Spiritual Gifts and a deeper relationship with God & Jesus.
Wonderful people sent in to help us.
Tons more time to spend with God & Jesus, meditating, praying, convening.
My Birthday was blessed with an amazing church ceremony geared to me by God, the
Gift of Tongues, and gifts later from the family.

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