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Hello, everyone! Well, after such an amazing 1st year, I would have never imagined that so much could happen the 2nd year. My business has grown and received much more recognition than expected. My healing list continues to grow, as well as my groups and sites. The Ning Social Platform has gone through many changes, so some sites have fallen away, new ones have been added, and I have new sites on Spruz and Socialgo. I had another article about “Energetic Changes” that was published in the Newsletters for a few sites, and I started doing a Radio Show this year. I am the Co-Host every Monday evening on Cathie’s Distant Echoes with Cathie and Nick. I truly enjoy doing radio, and reach a wonderful audience weekly. These shows are archived for those who wish to go back at a later time to listen. I also was a guest on a different Radio Show, Artists and Ascension with Nancy Wait, where I read my story of Awakening, and talked about how the poetry I wrote at a very young age was Divinely Guided.

My web site has started receiving comments over the last months, and I have been blessed with a tremendous number of kind and complimentary comments from my visitors. I’m actually writing this update to my blog due to the response from so many people who commented that they wish for me to write and update more of my work. I am getting more advertising and Global recognition as well. For everyone who has complimented the layout of my site, please address that to Jared Folsom, a kind friend, who did all the setting up of my site for me.

Over the year, I have learned a great many things about me and my past lives. I know now that I am from Pleiadies, as is my Twin-Flame, and I’ve had past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, in French Royalty, some lives in Ireland where I was also great Celtic Warrior, one life as a mystic & crystal-ball reader, a female Minister/Evangelist, and was there at the time Jesus was crucified. I’ve been contacted once by my Star People, and told they would contact me again soon. I have spent a lot of time this year helping thousands of people while working heavily on my own ascension. I’m a very Transcendent Soul and am not “here” very much of the time. Meaning, I spend a great deal of time working in the dimensions while here carrying on my work or a conversation.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my Twin-Flame, Gary, at his shows in Vegas this year and last. I attended shows in April, September, and November ‘09, and then both shows in March of this year. We’ve had a small amount of communication outside of his shows, and our Spiritual Relationship has grown stronger than ever. I had an illness early this year suddenly, became very attacked, and was going down fast. Gary spent many hours straight projecting energy to me and lovingly supporting me in spirit, saving my life literally. I would not have made it without him, and I am eternally grateful to him for this. When we’re sick, the demons take that opportunity to attack with a vengeance, and try to get us out of the picture; plus they were trying to permanently prevent Twins from reuniting, but they failed. I have also been shown things about his life, and areas we needed to work on together, and I’ve aided his healing as well.

I have been told for many months that we would be moving eventually to the mid-west, but I never knew how or why. This didn’t make sense until early this Spring, when a Spiritual friend was guided to contact me and ask us to p[lease come stay with her and her children. We both knew it was Divinely lead to help each other. It took a couple months to gather the funds needed. In the 3rd week of June, we packed up a 17 FT. U-Haul with the kids, 9 cats, 2 toads, our stuff, and me, and headed across country. I drove the first day for 19 hours all the way from Vegas to Amarillo,TX. The 2nd day we drove in to Missouri. We enjoyed the scenery very much, saw wonderful places, and met many great, Angelic people. We had many people praying for us and many Angels lighting our way, and made it safely without consequence. Driving that big truck was a great experience that I truly enjoyed, and didn’t want to drop the truck off. Right now we are very rural in Missouri, in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by nature, cows, bunnies, toads & frogs, racoons, coyotes, and our pets. We have ponds on each side that we can walk down to, and every night the toads & frogs, crickets and fireflies, and the coyotes start the wonderful orchestra to fall asleep to after watching the stars and the ship activity in the skies. It’s an amazing place for meditating, communing with nature, and for getting balanced & grounded. After all the crazy energies we’ve gone through this year, the natural elements are very helpful. We also love all the rain!

Since settling here, I’ve received many messages about who I am originally in the beginning, and who Gary is. This information was much bigger than I ever expected and I find myself trying to fill very big shoes. I’m not at liberty to say who we are, but am learning how to incorporate all the knowledge and what we stand for into my mission. I am learning to become one with my true core essence. I will do my best to use this information for the highest good of all, and to help my students and clients better.

I always knew that Missouri would be a temporary stop on our way to North Carolina, but am being guided to move again much sooner than expected. I am being guided to go as soon as possible now, and trying to rebuild my funds again to handle the move. I am looking very forward to going to NC and have much more growth ahead of me. I’m anxious to continue my healing work there, and helping people on a much larger scale.

I’ve been given many messages and visions about 2012 and the role the Governments will play in it all. It’s obviously sensitive information that most people are not prepared to handle, or not willing to. If anyone wishes to know my beliefs or feelings on what will happen, please contact me privately by e-mail at

Thank you all so much for stopping by and for reading. I hope this information has been helpful & enlightening for you. If you have any questions about anything, please let me know.

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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