Information and Prices/Suggested Donations

     I do Spiritual Healing and Energy Clearing that is done either in one session at a time and see how it goes, or you can set it up for 3 sessions. Each individual session takes 15-20 minutes each day, and the sets of 3 are done on 3 different days. This is all the time needed for a full healing session that is very all-encompassing to handle many energetic aspects. This work is done remotely. I can work healing through you spiritually without seeing you in-person. I only need a first and last name. A pic is nice to see who I’m working with, but not necessary for the work. I can assist with all manner of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues, including Cancers, Disorders, Phobias, Addictions, Block Removal, Thought Patterns, and Past-Life or Soul/Spirit issues.  This is done for a donation of $90.00-105.00 for 3 sessions and $30.00-35.00 each for individual sessions depending on what all you need done.
     I also do Spiritual Teaching and Counseling. Teaching can be done through e-mail messages, by phone, or in person if local. I can teach you how to: meditate; connect with God; receive spiritual gifts; see/hear/talk to God, Angels, Hierarchy, and other highly evolved Spiritual Beings; clear yourself of demons and dark energies; clear your dimensions; guide spirits to the light; manifest for anything; unlock your soul; visit Heaven and passed loved ones or pets; get your own keys to Heaven; remove blocks; remove all physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illness from yourself and others; do healing; empowerment; positive thinking and affirmations; and much more. Teaching and Counseling can be done for $100.00 per hour.

     In Counseling, I can assist you with any issues you have across the board. Whether it’s general life, relationships, parenting, phobias, negative thought-patterns, spirituality, or anything else that you need to talk about. I specialize in Twin-Flames and do quite a bit of counseling for Twins and soul-mates.

Paranormally, I can guide spirits and clear away any negative energies, entities, demons, etc., close hell-holes and negative vortexes, and bless the person, home, land, or area remotely or in person if close-by. I also do soul retrieval to locate and bring back a person’s soul or missing pieces of it, even if it has been sold to the dark side. Yes, it is possible to get it back and I have brought many back already.


     I do readings as well and am a medium. I can do Twin-Flame readings, Soul/Star readings, Interference readings, and also General readings to ask about whatever it is you wish to know. Twin-Flame readings also come automatically with a dark energy/interference check to find and remove anything that is attacking the person or their possible Twin and causing delays or interference in their soul plans and/or reunions.  The Twin reading will tell you if you are a true reuniting Twin, if you’re in your last life, if the person mentioned is your Twin, any interferences/delays or dark forces, and a general time-frame if given.  The dark force check includes checking for demons, dark entities, dark energies, reptilians, curses, spells, implants, etc. Twin-Flame readings are a donation of $60.00
    I can do soul/star readings to find out who your soul group/family is, your star-seed origins, color ray and the energy you flow, what your soul group is associated with, and your gifts. The soul readings also can tell you whether you is an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or Blue Ray. I will tell you which star systems you had past lives in and several earth-based lives. Soul/Star readings are a donation of $60.00 each.
     Just an interference reading & clearing alone is a donation of $25.00; more than one person is an additional $25.00 each.
     General readings are for more generalized questions you may have about your life, your work/career, relationships and family, where you are living, etc.  General readings are a donation of $60.00 each. This reading does not come with any clearing/healing work.
     If you would like to set something up with me, please e-mail me at and I’ll get back with you. There is a donation button on the front page of my site. When you contact me, I will go over all this, and we’ll decide on your needs, and then the donations can be made. As soon as a donation notification is received, I will add your name to my list. Most work takes approximately 7 days to get to typically. I am happy to work with you according to your needs & situation as long as my energy, gifts, and time are being valued & respected.

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