Groups I Have Started and Their Sites:

Sites:    Mind, Body, and the Spirit world;   The Spirit Guides Network;  Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology;  Children of the Sun;  Humanity Healing;    Love is my Temple;    The Meadow; 
Sites:  Mind, Body, and the Spirit world;  Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology;   Humanity Healing;
Sites:  Mind, Body, and the Spirit world;  Universal Heart to Soul;  
Sites:  Mind, Body, and Spirit World;  Universal Heart to Soul; 
Sites:  Mind, Body, and Spirit World;  Universal Heart To Soul; 
Sites:  Mind, Body, and Spirit World;  Universal Heart to Soul; 
Sites:  Mind, Body, and Spirit World;  Universal Heart to Soul;  The Meadow; 
Sites:   Universal Heart to Soul;  The Meadow;  Love is My Temple;
Sites:  Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology; 
Sites:   Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology;
Sites:  Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology;
Sites:  Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology;
Sites:  Universal Heart to Soul;
Sites:  Universal Heart to Soul;  Parapsychology; 
Sites:  Universal Heart to Soul; 
Sites:  Parapsychology; 
Sites:  Parapsychology;
I am also a Spiritual Counselor on some sites. 
I am an administrator on  Universal Heart to Soul, Parapsychology, and  Help Our Animals Through Crisis, & Online Pagan Project. 

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