November 15th, 2009

Please join us, if you will, for a Global Meditation for the New & Full Moons. Twice every month at the new moon and the full moon we do a global meditation to help anchor light and energy for the planet. The meditations are from Children of the Sun. I am a Global Light Team Transmitter member with them. We usually do this at 9:00 p.m. EST; see a chart on time-zones for your time slot, or contact me and I’ll tell you when you would join us. This one is scheduled for 11-16-09. I enjoy doing these meditations each time with my Twin-Flame, Gary. We also have special meditation days at other times like 9:9:9 and 11:11, solstices, eclipses, and others. These days are very important days for the whole planet energetically speaking, and we can always use the help of more light-workers. We look forward to seeing you on the Diamond Light Grid.


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